Clean up and keep trash out of landfills!

Twinsies are cleaning cloths are made from 100% cotton and can be reused again and again.  Just pop in them in the wash for easy cleaning!  Each is about 6'' x 6'', made with 2 layers each and stitched at the edes to prevent fraying. Because they are double-sided you can use them for so many things - wiping up around the house, a super soft face cloth, cleaning your glasses, a handy wipe for little car messes and more. 

The cloths will get more absorbant after a few washes.  You can use these for countertops, and around the house or as a super-soft cleaning cloth in the shower.

Each set comes with 8 two sided cloths.

The cloths are not prewashed and may shrink a small amount, which is normal.